Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Hawaii, evicted kills two agents

Wounded the master of the house, the twelve houses set on fire

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 19 JAN – the Fear of Hawaii, where a man
armed with a pistol and knife before wounded with the blade, a
person, then shot the two police officers, killing them.
Not satisfied, he has set fire to a house, but the flames are
quickly propagated by burning 12 houses, of which at least five
go completely destroyed. It happened in the area of Diamond
Head, not far from the popular Waikiki. The details of the incident are still unclear but, according to
rumors, the aggressor would have stabbed his master,
of the house, that he was evicting. The police, alerted to
the aggression, has intervened in a few minutes. The agents have
found in front of the man who did not hesitate to open fire,
killing two cops, a man and a woman. The attacker
he would then set fire to the house where he was to be
evicted, and is not excluded that he, himself, was inside
of the house.